VEC (Versatile Elastic Cummerbund)

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Elastic cummerbunds are praised for their comfort and stability, but also for their ability to hug tight to the body, which provides a low and slick signature . By exploiting this feature, people have been able to carry a multitude of gear on the sides while remaining streamline and snag-free. This is our offering, with a unique touch to the rear of the cummerbund. The inverted retainer design allows for easy access to a magazine, which traditionally, the user must twist his arm to access it the storage space on typical elastic cummerbunds. The simple retainer design can also be reversed to carry a radio or an IFAK if the user wishes to do so.

We also took extra steps and limited the design to only 2 stretch layers as opposed to 3 for better stretch and breathability. We also offer the design in many platforms, just select what is compatible with your current setup. 

Do note that there is a 1-week lead time before the item is shipped out , due to the custom nature of the product, it is assembled on demand.


  • Two small side pockets for pistol magazines, multitool, flashlight, etc.
  • Inverted rear pocket with bungee cord for extra retention
  • Reversable rear pocket retainer for a radio/IFAK
  • 2-layer stretch design as opposed to 3
  • Fits 5.56 magazines