Product Design Philosophy

NUTSOF's design choice
We use the least buckles on our products as possible, because hardware adds an extra point of failure.

Why do we love Tegris so much

Tegris, as a lightweight material, adds structural rigidity to our product design. 

We usually add it to increase comfort and make everything hold right together.

Laser cut usage
Laminated materials are much stronger than your traditional 500D Cordura. Not that we dislike Cordura, we just simply apply laser-cutting to areas where you need it the most.

By using laser-cut laminated materials, it allows us to create complex designs that wouldn't be possible with traditional ways. 

Laminated materials are much more resistant to wear and tear, absorb less water while removing the need to finish the edges, therefore cutting down on cost and allowing us to give you a high quality product at a good price. The advantages are pretty clear here!