NUTSOF Embroidered Patch
NUTSOF Embroidered Patch

NUTSOF Embroidered Patch

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This work of art was made by a good friend.

Whether you carry it to a mission in a forsaken land, to your local range or your everyday life, it will remind you to never stop laughing, even if everything goes to the shitters...

NUTSOF Embroidered Patch

NUTSOF Embroidered Patch

Regular price $10.00 USD
Regular price Sale price $10.00 USD

FAQ section

Frequently asked questions

I want to add stuff in me previous order, what should I do?

Just place the order normally but write in the order's that you'll want to combine it to a previous order you placed, we'll reimburse the difference in shipping if needed.

My gear has fraying with small strings coming out, is it normal?

Yes, it is normal wear and tear.

Can Tegris be bent?

It will depend on the intention of the product, we made sure to write in the instruction manual. Always refer to the manual for said product before use.

Normally, if Tegris is intended to act as a backer; it is preferred to avoid bending it.

Do keep in mind that Tegris is resistant to bending, and only hard bends (90-degree angle) can permanently damage it.

You shouldn't worry too much about it if it's slightly curved; it didn't lose its structural integrity.

Does laminated material tear more easily than traditional nylon?

Laminated material is actually very hard to tear, and much tougher than your traditional nylon 500D Cordura.

The laminated material is actually 500D Cordura laminated to a 1000 Cordura backer; the result being in a extremely abrasion-resistant material.

It is because of this very material that we can create design that could never have been possible with your traditional nylon.

Click here to see results of some of our testing. PICTURES TO FOLLOW

The elastic material on my product has black string coming out. Is this normal?

That is normal wear and tear for elastic materials, it is only one of the few hundreds of elastic strings that composes the width of the material, so you shouldn't worry about it.